Asha Parekh book cover

Bollywood veteran diva Asha Parekh lit up US’ book world, launches autobiography

Asha Parekh’s autobiography’ The Hit Girl’ which was launched Mumbai, India has now
made its ways to the US.

Asha Parekh’s book was launched by H R Shah, Indian American chairman /CEO of TV Asia on July 13 at the TV Asia studies in Edison New Jersey.

Asha while confessing about her wrong decisions in her professional life said, “If there is one regret that I have as an actor or a retired actor is that I could never be a part of magnificent heritage of Bengali cinema, whose distinct quality has been in realism, the narration of valuable stories, skillfully crafted and most often conveying an ideological fervor.”

The book was launched by H R Shah, Indian American chairman /CEO of TV Asia in Edison New Jersey.

Besides, talking about her lost opportunity to work with director Satyajit Ray and Yash Chopra, she also mentioned about her grand entry in the films, “On a more positive note, I will always cherish the fact that I was introduced to cinema as a child artist by the awesome Bimal Roy with the film, ‘Maa.’ I must have been eight or nine years old. With such an auspicious start during my childhood,
I could not go wrong, could I?”

Asha Parekh shared her views about the evolving Indian cinema and Bollywood actresses working in Hollywood films. A montage of her film clips, dialogues and songs took audiences back to golden era of Bollywood.

While reminiscing about some of her favourite films, she gave all the credit of her great performances to music directors, actors, producers, directors, co-stars and technicians.


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