Indian-origin teen raped, butchered for dating Arab in London

Celine Dookhran, a Muslim teenager of Indian-origin was butchered to death for dating an Arab Muslim.

In this honour killing, Celine’s body (cut in peices) was found in a fridge inside a US $ 1.95 million Kingston house on July 19, 2017. She was kidnaped, raped and murdered, another woman in her 20s who managed to escape even after the slit in her throat informed the police about the horrifying incident.

Celine Dookhran was aspiring makeup artist. Photo courtesy: Celine Twitter page

According to reports, the women were tasered, gagged and raped by two masked men. Later both were taken to a house in Coombe Lane West where Celine was murdered and butchered to pieces. Her body was kept inside a fridge.

Celine Dookhran along with another woman in her 20s was kidnapped, raped and murdered.Enter a caption

As per the reports by The Sun, prosecutor Binita Roscoe, has informed the court that Celine was an Indian- Muslim and involved in a relationship with an Arab Muslim – the reason behind her murder. She said, “The deceased was involved in a relationship with an Arab Muslim and the family members didn’t approve of this relationship because they are Indian Muslims.”


Mujahid Arshid, 33 and Vincent Tappu, 28 have been charged for rape, murder and kidnapping of both the girls. Both men have been taken into custody and will be appearing in court for further proceedings.


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